Contract Management

Gain access to smarter, more robust contract management strategies, without the guesswork.

With this solution, Med-Metrix’s team of experienced Managed Care analysts and reimbursement experts load all user rate matrixes and contracts into an intuitive price generator – giving you valuable payer data for modeling negotiations, identifying payment variances, and reporting on revenue cycle performance.

  • This software suite will enable users to:
    • Create full P&L models by contract.
    • Ensure contracts are built correctly from the start, and maintained properly over time with an accurate expectation of the net value on all accounts.
    • Generate a “show your work” calculation that clearly explains to follow-up representatives exactly how a claim should be reimbursed.

This software provides the best way to remove the guesswork from claim adjudication and negotiations, allowing users to value the impact of every health plan proposal.