Patient Liability Estimation

The Patient Liability Estimator platform generates patient-friendly, accurate estimates for shoppers on the phone, scheduled cases, or at the time of registration. The Patient Liability Estimator module generates a model bill from historical data at the service and physician level, calculates the expected reimbursement per your contracts, and applies the estimated benefits to generate an accurate estimated patient responsibility. Empowering your staff with accurate information gives them the confidence to collect prior to and at the time of service.

Additional value add features include:

  • Easy to read and understand explanations of estimated benefits generated on demand with basic information about the visit
  • Contract management derived expected reimbursement with a detailed calculation illustrating how the estimate was derived
  • Accurate historical modeling that not only looks at the service, but the physician’s history performing that particular service as well
  • Reporting on
    • Point of Service Collections as a Percentage of Potential
    • Patient Responsibilities by Payer
    • Collections by Service Area
    • Estimated to Actual Patient Responsibility