Payment Variance Recovery

Eliminate underpayments and lost charges, while ensuring payer contract compliance.

Get intelligent payer monitoring with our Payment Variance Recovery service. By aggregating data from multiple sources, our Managed Care Contract experts can quickly identify one-off and systematic issues that affect reimbursement. Using our in-depth knowledge of the marketplace, we maximize recoveries across payer mix – and grant clear insight into instances of underpayments and lost charges.

What clients can expect:

  • Technology-enabled approach allows reach beyond large dollar claim recoveries.
  • Assistance in control of “death by a thousand cuts” underpayments with low dollar/high volume variances.
  • A team of seasoned professionals to handle billing, follow-up, and variance recovery.
  • Discoveries of systematic issues to close payment loopholes and prevent future revenue leakage associated with underpayments and lost charges – resulting in prospective “soft dollar” benefits.