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Administrative tasks throughout the revenue cycle can seem trivial. But in the long run, they could have huge impact on your bottom line. Not only can they add up in man hours, but small details could mean huge discrepancies in revenue.

Our tools and expertise relieve you and your team from the burden of administrative tasks throughout the revenue cycle. Our automated system along with the skilled experience of our former provider-side operators will ensure proper management of these tasks. From credentialing and provider enrollment to obtaining and understanding trends in revenue, consider it done.


How your providers are enrolled with payers makes all the difference in whether claims are approved or denied. This process can be long, tedious, and not the best use of your or your administrators’ time. Our specialists are well-versed in identifying correct credentialing procedures, troubleshooting issues, and maintaining requests with all major payers. Let our experts handle your physician enrollment so you can focus on high value activities.


We know firsthand that insights without the right interpretation and implementation are just…insights. They won’t mean progress for your business. So our unique stack of business insights software goes way beyond software. Our solutions ensure your organization has insights plus the understanding to make your business more successful.

Get ready for our team to become vital members of yours – meeting with you regularly to ensure complete understanding of the data, and then helping you implement practices based on the findings. When used across the entire decision support suite, this solution will ultimately result in a better bottom line by providing insights into key areas such as revenue and receivable performance, payer denial and payment delay activity, and service line profitability.

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Med-Metrix has set a new standard for Revenue Cycle Management. We deliver 4x-10x ROI for hundreds of hospital systems and physician providers across the country.  

Revenue Collection

Easily collect what you’re owed while reducing workloads.

Patient Intake

Our team of experts will work side-by-side with your team to simplify and automate your entire front desk system, clipboard to claim.

HIM & Coding

Our in-house team of Certified Professional Coders (CPC) can supplement your expensive coding staff or be an alternative to it.

Denials & Revenue Recovery

We’ll successfully handle every aspect of revenue recovery – from the denial and appeals process, to recovering variance in payments, to finding missing reimbursements. Our team helps yours stay in the zone of maximizing revenue.

Contract Management

Our Contract Management software can provide your hospital with an accurate net value on all your accounts.

Cost Accounting

Our system can keep you and your team focused at a high level, all while understanding what’s driving costs.


Our reporting technology delivers clear, actionable information you can use to impact your business.

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Med-Metrix delivers remarkable value for hundreds of leading healthcare systems and physician providers across the country. 

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