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Improve Your Productivity by 10-20%

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You need your team to operate as effectively as possible. We get it. So, we created the technology to automate every possible transaction and maximize every human touch.

Pick the specific tech stack you need the most or utilize our entire suite of offerings. We’re proud to have automated tens of millions of transactions for more than 300 hospitals and physician groups in the U.S.

Proven, Performance-Enhancing Tech

Our custom-built, performance-enhancing RCM technology works – with real automation (RPA), AI (machine learning), and more.

Quick, seamless integration

Our experts will implement our technology with your EMR and systems. 

Ongoing success 

Our operator-experts will help you implement best practices and monitor your performance. Your success is our commitment. 

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Patient Intake Stack

There’s so much that needs to go smoothly with your front desk to ensure your practice remains successful and profitable. Yet there’s so many little things that could go wrong. From scheduling to staff workflow to ensuring correct payment, see how we have your team covered.

Revenue Collection Stack

The most critical factor in your organization getting paid, is just how efficiently and consistently your revenue cycle runs. See how our one-of-a-kind suite of Workflow process management tools uses flexible automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence to focus your team and deliver measurable success.

Business Insights Stack

We know that insights without actionable interpretation don’t mean progress for your operation. See how our complete suite of decision support solutions delivers the understanding needed to make you more successful.

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Patient Intake Stack

From scheduling to staff workflow to ensuring correct payment, we’ve built the tools to make every aspect of patient interaction run smoothly.

Revenue Collection Stack

This tech automates processes, focuses staff, and drives better financial performance.

Intake Workflow

Our tech automates rote tasks and segments and prioritizes your financial clearance workflow to mitigate denials and bad debt.

Liability Estimator

Our accurate Patient Liability Estimator will empower your staff to collect an accurate payment at the time of service.

Collection Workflow

This tech automates rote tasks and segments and prioritizes your claims adjudication workflow to drive yield improvement.

Vendor Management

Our proprietary tech ensures your successful partnership without you having to do a thing.

Business Insights Stack

Our suite of offerings delivers the understanding to make your business more successful.


Our reporting technology delivers clear, actionable information you can use to impact your business.

Contract Management

Our Contract Management software can provide your hospital with an accurate net value on all your accounts.


Our tech for valuation will allow you to accurately state your revenue at any time.

Cost Accounting

Our system can keep you and your team focused at a high level, all while understanding what’s driving costs.

Want Tech Plus RCM Services?

Get more hands-on help. Whether end-to-end RCM outsourcing or specific point solutions, we will work hand in hand with you to solve your RCM challenges – from understaffing to underperforming.

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