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Way More Than Workflow

We know firsthand that the most critical factor in your organization getting paid, is just how efficiently and consistently your revenue cycle runs. So, while we’re not the first to create workflow tools, we’re definitely the first to create a workflow system with this level of process automation. Our suite of end-to-end tools are like none in the industry, because they’re built by professionals who have lived the day-to-day challenges of the industry.

So what do these tools do? They aggregate data from multiple unique sources to hyper-optimize distribution and timing of work. From bots gathering information from payer portals, to leveraging Contract Management information with the 835s, our system leverages 100s of automations and optimizations to drive your performance to the next level. Which gives you flexibility. And when your organization has the power to operate smoothly AND get paid, that means success.

What you can expect after implementing these tools:

  • Amplified performance in your revenue cycle departments
  • High priority work emphasized and completed first by your staff
  • Maximized value of every human touch
  • Automated workflows to improve quality and productivity
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Collection Workflow

You need your team’s brainpower for important issues. See how our Collection Workflow solution automates all the rote tasks while optimizing billing, follow-up, denials, inner department requests, audits, and every other claims adjudication function – all to maximize yield with existing resources.

Vendor Management

Your relationship with your vendors should be simple. See how our proprietary Vendor Management tech ensures your successful partnership without you having to do a thing.

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Patient Intake Stack

From scheduling to staff workflow to ensuring correct payment, we’ve built the tools to make every aspect of patient interaction run smoothly.

Revenue Collection

Easily collect what you’re owed while reducing workloads.

Patient Intake

Our team of experts will work side-by-side with your team to simplify and automate your entire front desk system, clipboard to claim.

Revenue Integrity

Our team can help you prevent inaccuracy and denials through the pricing, coding and claims process – so that your organization can thrive through middle of the revenue cycle.

Need More AR Staff?

Our staff of highly trained and experienced billing and follow-up professionals accelerates cash flow and reduces bad debt.

Using our custom-built technology, we collaborate with you to analyze your Accounts Receivables and identify opportunities to improve your receivable performance.

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