Patient Intake Stack

Make your front desk back-of-mind

There’s so much that needs to go smoothly with your front desk to ensure your practice remains successful and profitable. Yet there’s so many little things that could go wrong. So we’ve built the tools that will make every aspect of patient interaction run efficiently.

From scheduling to staff workflow to ensuring correct payment, we have your team covered. Optimize the entire experience or individual aspects. With our tech, there’s no longer much to have to think about.

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Patient Intake Automation

Our patient-facing tech will automate and standardize a modern and completely hassle-free experience while financially securing visits with minimal intervention required. See how our tech can become the most efficient new member of your front desk team.

Intake Workflow

Its’s critical to be able to prioritize work in real time for your financial clearance and pre-visit teams. It’s also hard to do on your own. Our robust, rules-based Intake Workflow engine oversees your staff and the entire financial clearance process to prevent denials and improve the patient experience. See how it can simplify your team’s workflow.

Liability Estimator

Confidently collecting an accurate payment at the time of service is important – and very challenging. See how our Contract Management-based, accurate patient Liability Estimator will empower your staff to estimate and collect at any time – while maintaining patient transparency.

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Revenue Collection Stack

This tech automates processes, focuses staff, and drives better financial performance.

Revenue Collection

Easily collect what you’re owed while reducing workloads.

Patient Intake

Our team of experts will work side-by-side with your team to simplify and automate your entire front desk system, clipboard to claim.

Audits & Optimization

We optimize processes to accurately capture revenue, reduce denials, mitigate compliance risk, and improve cash flow.

Need More AR Staff?

Our staff of highly trained and experienced billing and follow-up professionals accelerates cash flow and reduces bad debt.

Using our custom-built technology, we collaborate with you to analyze your Accounts Receivables and identify opportunities to improve your receivable performance.

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