Patient Intake


Up to a 43% reduction in Patient Intake-related denials

Our team and technology will come together to optimize and modernize your Patient Intake services. With a smoother, more accurate process, you’ll instill patient confidence, prevent denials, and improve revenue. 

Inability to accurately estimate patient responsibility at the time of service means a large number of bills don’t get paid. Errors during the intake process lead to a large number of insurance rejections. And each member of your front desk staff likely spends around 9 hours a week on hold with insurance companies. 

What’s more: we’re guessing your team didn’t get into patient care for the paperwork. So, let us take care of the process for you. We’ll work side-by-side with your team to simplify and automate the entire system, clipboard to claim. It’s why our clients see up to a 43% reduction in Patient Intake related denials. 

No need to learn new software. No tedious training. We fit right in with your current system. Your updated process will run more smoothly, accurately and give you complete visibility. Most importantly, you’ll eliminate errors so that you get paid. 


The pre-arrival process is not only tedious and time-consuming for your staff, it also can lead to errors in estimating, having a negative impact on how much revenue you receive. See how our team and tech can instill patient confidence, prevent denials, and improve revenue. 


How smoothly the arrival process goes not only impacts a patient’s satisfaction with your organization – it affects how much you’ll get paid for their appointment. See how our team, tech, extensive training methodology, quality, and productivity oversight will ensure accurate payment and a seamless experience, all with more efficiency at your front desk.

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