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Exceed All Expectations with Bullseye Estimates

Confidently collecting an accurate payment at the time of service…it’s so critical to your bottom line, yet extremely challenging. Until now. Our incredibly accurate patient liability estimates empower your staff to collect on demand while exceeding your patient’s – and all – price transparency expectations.

How it works:

Our tech obliterates the two main barriers to accurate estimates:

  1. Predicting the services that will actually be rendered: We use artificial intelligence and a powerful, physician-specific algorithm to identify all services that are commonly delivered along with the scheduled service, producing one ridiculously accurate estimate after another.
  2. Accurate contract pricing: Our Managed Care experts will load and maintain all of your contract, rate, and policy information. Then, our technology gets to work. With the ability to generate model bills from historical data, calculate reimbursements, and apply estimated benefits, all in real time, an accurate patient responsibility estimate is always within reach.
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What's Included:

  • Easy to read and understand explanations of estimated benefits generated on demand with basic information about the visit
  • Expected reimbursement based on managed care contracts – with a detailed calculation illustrating how the estimate was derived
  • Accurate historical modeling that not only looks at the service, but the physician’s history performing that particular service as well
  • Patient-facing liability estimator to satisfy pricing transparency requirements 
  • Our service search algorithm searches across hospital and professional charges to provide a complete system estimate
  • Reporting on:
    • Point of service collections as a percentage of potential
    • Patient responsibilities by payer
    • Collections by service area
    • Estimated to actual patient responsibility
    • And more
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