70% of patients do not pay medical bills when billed after the procedure.
Ensure consistently awesome registration experiences for every patient, every time.

We have the tech, processes, management, training, and reliable staffing to make it happen for you.
How smoothly the arrival process goes not only impacts a patient’s satisfaction with your organization – it affects how much you’ll get paid for their appointment. Providing accurate out of pocket costs at the time of service is critical. After all, an estimated 70% of patients do not pay medical bills when billed after the procedure.

Our team of experts, dedicated leaders, and state-of-the-art technology will streamline the entire process for you. Patients will know exactly how much they are responsible for so payment can be made before they receive the care they need. All, with less manpower at your front desk.


Financial counseling eligibility

Patients know right away what they pay and what benefits they may qualify for.


Our automated system increases the speed and accuracy of registration and billing processes.

Point of service collections

We empower your staff to collect upfront with accurate estimates of financial responsibility.

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Revenue Collection Stack

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Patient Intake Stack

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Intake Workflow

Our tech automates rote tasks and segments and prioritizes your financial clearance workflow to mitigate denials and bad debt.

Business Insights Stack

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Our team and technology will optimize and modernize your pre-arrival services, instilling patient confidence, preventing denials, and improving revenue.


Med-Metrix has set a new standard for Revenue Cycle Management. We deliver 4x-10x ROI for hundreds of hospital systems and physician providers across the country.  

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Med-Metrix delivers remarkable value for hundreds of leading healthcare systems and physician providers across the country. 

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