Your current intake process likely costs you $26-$40 per patient

We know that there’s so much that needs to happen before a patient is even seen at your practice. Unfortunately, the pre-arrival process is tedious and time-consuming for patients, which can give them a negative impression even before the appointment begins. 

Outdated Pre-Arrival processes can be even more troublesome for you and your staff. They can lead to errors in estimating, having a negative impact on how much revenue you receive. All that is why your current intake process likely costs you $26-$40 per patient. 

Our experts and systems will ensure your intake is completed prior to arrival. We will truly automate your processes, like an experienced and reliable concierge who handles everything seamlessly.  

Set yourself up for revenue success – with no extra effort from your staff. Our team and technology will come together to optimize and modernize your pre-arrival services. With a smoother, more accurate process, you’ll instill patient confidence, prevent denials, and improve revenue. 



Schedule your patients more efficiently. Our system does it for you, and our experienced teams ensure it happens reliably every time.

Complete pre-registration

Our automated service and team of experts collect patient information early to streamline the billing process, increase revenue, and improve the patient experience. 

Financial Clearance

Truly automated financial clearance – paired with our team’s extensive expertise – increases the likelihood of approved payments.

Insurance verification and authorization

Our real-time verification and operator expertise leads to far fewer insurance rejections.

Patient liability estimation and collection

Using our industry-leading tech, our specialists will generate a highly-accurate estimate of patient responsibility, ensuring you get paid.

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Our team + tech will ensure accurate payment and a more seamless experience at the time of service, all with less manpower at your front desk.

Revenue Collection Stack

This tech automates processes, focuses staff, and drives better financial performance.

Patient Intake Automation

Our tech can become the most efficient new member of your front desk team.

Intake Workflow

Our tech automates rote tasks and segments and prioritizes your financial clearance workflow to mitigate denials and bad debt.

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